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Plumbing fixture installation makes your home more modern

Switch out your tub or shower. JMG Plumbing offers plumbing fixture installation that breathes new life into your outdated kitchen or bathroom. We'll install faucets and switch out your tub and shower valves. Instead of spending any more time in a dingy bathroom, turn your space into a contemporary haven.

We'll spruce up your bathroom with:

  • Single-pressure balancing valves
  • Handheld showerheads
  • Steamers with temperature settings

Your steamer can be adjusted at a range of 10 degrees. You can even put an aroma in it to enjoy the same kind of comfort and relaxation you'd expect in a sauna.

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Schedule a plumbing installation at your home or business

Gain access to cleaner, softer water with a plumbing installation from us. In addition to adding new faucets and valves, we can add filters and systems to your home to eliminate harmful toxins and minerals. Our reverse osmosis system removes chlorine and any germs. We can also install an alkaline filter.

These filters leave your water clean and fresh. Your new system will eliminate scale from your pipes, not leaving any excess scum or buildup. Filtered water is better for your skin, hair and laundry. You'll feel the difference.

What is reverse osmosis?

  • It is an advanced water purification method that filters water by forcing it under pressure through the tiny pores of a semi-permeable membrane
  • This type of filtration produces pure water because it removes 95% of the mineral content
  • Reverse osmosis units last around 2 to 5 years and pre filters and post filters should be replaced annually

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