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From Repairs to New Water Heater Installation

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If your water heater isn't doing its job, it might be time for a replacement. Get in touch with JMG Plumbing to schedule water heater installation. We'll change out your old, failing water heater for a brand-new one. You don't have to worry about any mistakes. We do everything according to building codes.

Not sure whether you need a new water heater? Watch out for:

  • Rust in your hot water
  • Fluctuating temperature
  • Hot water running out
  • Rumbling and strange sounds
  • Leaks around the tank

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In addition to installing water heaters, we also handle regular maintenance and repairs. If your water takes too long to heat up or comes out with a strange smell, reach out to us. Our water heater services are comprehensive. We'll figure out what's wrong with your water heater and do what we can to solve the problem.

We can add a new water shut-off valve, expansion tank or gas line and gas valve. Our workmanship warranty is valid for four years, and our water heaters come with a six-year manufacturer's warranty.

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